Busses/ Group Airfares/ Car & Van Rentals

Busses/ Group Airfares/ Car & Van Rentals

Mountain Escapes specializes in transportation for:

  • Ski Groups
  • Church retreats and camps
  • School Groups
  • Mission trips
  • Choir Groups
  • Airport bus transfers to mountain resorts


Charter busses can provide safer and faster group travel and also an opportunity for group time together while you travel. Mountain Escapes works with charter bus companies in several states including Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and California.  These companies provide quality equipment and professional drivers for trips to anywhere in the United States and at times into Mexico. We'll find the best pricing for your trip including getting quotes from multiple bus companies when available.   After the trip is scheduled, we'll then help with the itinerary, logistics, and execution of the trip to ensure it runs smoothly.


For groups of 10 or more, Mountain Escapes will use our expertise to negotiate with multiple airlines to find the best prices for your flights. Value for airfares is a combination of the cost and the group policies.  Most airlines' group policies allow for seat reduction and name changes, which can save money in cancel fees and unused tickets.   Group policies also provide for an original deposit with the balance due later. This makes it possible for groups to lock in the best base fare early without having to pay the entire amount.  In addition, the differences in group policies between different airlines can influence the choice of airlines.  It's important to group leaders to understand these policies and we'll provide that insight for our clients. 


With Budget or Avis at specially discounted rates through Mountain Escapes at any world wide location. Click on the link(s) below to get pricing for any trip that you may be planning, even individual trips. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: when actually making a reservation you'll need your time on the linked website to a maximum of 6 minutes in order to qualify for the discounted rates.

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